Bamboo Eco Friendly Interdental Brushes Between Teeth Cleaner Deep With Soft Bristles

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Interdental brushes are like mini toothbrushes that get into the tiny spaces between teeth and clean effectively right down to the gum line. Extra durable bristles deliver superior cleaning ability by compressing on insertion and spring open on withdrawal. The slim compact handle allows the user to rotate the brush on insertion, resulting in an easy efficient cleaning action. Bamboo interdental made from sustainably grown bamboo, 97% of interdental brush made from biodegradable materials to create less plastic waste. It’s the ecological way to keep your teeth clean.

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Environmentally-friendly interdental brushes with handles formed from sustainably sourced bamboo

Packaged in biodegradable recyclable cardboard box; plastic-free packaging

Allow excellent access to all interdental spaces

Biodegradable bamboo handles

Product Description

Don't forget to clean those hard to get places between your teeth! With our interdental brushes made from sustainable bamboo and quality bristles you can go about your business with a clean conscience. Interdental brushes made from plastic is a ghost from the past! Our stylish alternative, with a handle from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and with quality nylon bristles from DuPont, provides an easy and practical alternative to flossing. Use interdental brushes daily and give your mouth something to smile about! How to properly clean between your teeth gently remove the hidden nasties by working between every Tooth, right below the gum line. Use the interdental brush against the outside of every Tooth. Utilize every day and leave your mouth feeling so Fresh and clean.

How to use

1.You can use the interdental brush before or after you brush your teeth.
2.Rinse the interdental brush before and after each use
3.Dry it after each use.
4.Rinse your mouth after cleaning your teeth.


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