Compostable Sonicare Bamboo Electric Replacement Toothbrush Heads For Philips

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- Plastic-free, vegan and BPA-free.

- Biodegradable

- Numbered attachments.

- Fits all models of Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes

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Vegan and BPA free – Our toothbrush attachments are made from 100% natural raw materials. Therefore, they do not contain any plasticisers and are also vegan

Sustainable dental care – thanks to the soft bristles with activated carbon, the brush attachment has an antibacterial effect and against bad breath. Thanks to the electric toothbrush, you get comprehensive teeth cleaning and a gentle gum massage
100% biodegradable and plastic-free – our vegan toothbrush attachments are made from renewable bamboo. The fit for a firm hold is made from biodegradable PLA.


This is obtained from corn Compatible with all Philips Sonicare models: the sustainable brush heads fit all models from Philips Sonicare. They allow you a plastic-free alternative to conventional toothbrush attachments and gentle cleaning


Recycled packaging – the packaging of our electric toothbrush heads is also ecological. Made from recycled cardboard

Why Us

Our companies mission is to reduce the use of plastic, using existing material that is already out there. We believe in using what you have!


Once you've invested in one of our products. You'll be partnering with hundreds of others, to rid the world of plastic.
Become an ambassador in the mission to rid the world of plastic.


For every pack bought we donate a brush to foundation, helping vulnerable children.

The production process

1. Choose big Mos Bamboo

For the bamboo brushes handles usually need have these size: 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm.


2. Cut the handle

According to the order, choose the bamboo material to cut the confirmed length.


3. Make out the shape the handle

According to the order, make out the shape of the handle.


4. Polishing the handle

The workers to polish smooth surface of the handles.


5. Drill Hole on the handle

The workers drill the holes on the head of the handle.


6. Plant the bristles

The workers plant the bristles on tufting machine.


7. Check the rushes by QC

After tufting the bristle, the QCS to check the whole quality before packing.


8. Laser engraved logo

Laser engraving the logo on the handle according to the order.




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