Eco- Friendly Bamboo Electric Toothbrush With Soft Bristles Biodegradable Brush Head

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【Bamboo Electric Toothbrush】The toothbrush head is made of natural and environmentally friendly bamboo, and the main body is made of plastic, which is compatible with most Philips brush heads.

【5-Speed Frequency Conversion Mode】1.Cleaning Mode: 31000-37000 high-frequency swing, suitable for ordinary people; 2.Bleaching Mode: 31000-35000 fast high-frequency swing, suitable for incisor cleaning; 3.Polishing Mode: 31000 high-frequency rhythm, improving tooth stains and smoke Special people such as stains and tea stains; 4.Care mode: 32000-35000 Combination of clean and sensitive mode; 5.Sensitive Mode: 31000-32000, suitable for users who use it for the first time.

【Biodegradable Matial】The 3 replaceable bamboo brush heads, are made of natural bamboo and plant bristles, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. We have matching brush heads.Our Bamboo electric power toothbrush provides 3 soft Dupont bristles which designed with a variety of bristles that can perfectly fit the gums and teeth, to deep and thorough cleaning . Waterproof all over, for bath and shower.

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Electric bamboo toothbrush Power reminder function: The mode light will turn on to show the current battery power
when it is turned off, and it will automatically go out after the display time is 3 seconds;
5 lights are on, indicating that the power is above 95%;
4 lights are on, indicating that the power is about 75%;
3 lights are on, indicating the power is about 50;
2 lights are on, indicating that the power is about 25%;
1 light is on, indicating that the power is about 15%;

Why Bamboo for a toothbrush?

Bamboo is a remarkable plant that can have many applications in the reusable & sustainable product space.

100% Plant-based bamboo wood
Bamboo is a naturally sustainable resource with some species growing up to 4 feet per day
The plant grows naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers.
Once harvested it regrows from it owns roots.
Bamboo fibres are anti-bacterial

Why choose us

1、The biggest reason bamboo is used to make toothbrush handles is because it grows much quicker than other types of wood. This allows for greater bamboo production on less land and using fewer resources.
Unlike some other crops, bamboo doesn’t take a major toll on the surrounding environment. Bamboo roots can even help keep soil in place, preventing erosion in the area.

2、Electric toothbrushes really are the best option for healthy teeth.Any oral health routine is better than nothing. But studies show that electric toothbrushes are better for gum health and preventing tooth decay.As with many consumer electronics, some electric toothbrushes are more sustainable than others. Even if you don’t use one of the best eco-friendly electric toothbrushes, replaceable brush heads can help cut down on plastic waste.

3、Fast charging for 6 hours can use 30 days. Low battery reminding and auto shut off after full charge, compatible with any charger or equipment with a USB port,convenient to use at home or travelingprevent the gum recession.

4、Our teeth are divided into four sides: Upper side, lower side, the left side and the right side, suggested by the Stomatology.Our electric toothbrush has the internal 2-minute smart timer,
which allows the interval pauser per 30 seconds.seconds so as to prompt to replace to clean the another area.This electric toothbrush can be helpful to foster the brushing habit and make sure the every areas clean well.

5、To fit in your gums and teeth, you can choose the appropriate mode while brushing your teeth. Enjoy the brushing interest! CLEAN mode can remove 10X more stains along the gum. WHITE mode is designed for the fresh user of electric toothbrush.

6、Waterproof:IPX7 waterproof will be very safe for you and tooth brush,it's no any question even if you use toothbrush when you shower or clean it in the water.



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