Customer reviews of dental floss

The following is the experience and share of our customers using dental floss:



I absolutely love this! First off, the little jar that it comes in is adorable. find that it takes up way less space in my carry-on than your average floss container. Also, it’s sustainable! And the floss is very easy to replace. I was actually surprised to find that a refill was included in the package- I honestly think that the price is super good for what you get. The only thing I will say is, there is no flavor to the floss. It might just be that I’m used to normal floss tasting minty, but it would be nice if they could add teatree or peppermint oil. It won’t stop me from continuing to buy this though.


Apart from being vegan and biodegradable, what I love about this floss is that it is that it doesn’t get stuck in my teeth! The floss appears thick so I had concerns but it worked better than the conventional floss brands I’ve used for years. I also noticed it held up really well and didn’t tear like other products I’ve used in the past. I purchased another biodegradable brand as a comparison and this one is by far superior and worth the extra $. I will definitely be buying this brand again when it comes time to refill my adorable glass container. I love being able to see how much I have left so I never run out.


After many months of considering these eco-friendly style flosses, I finally threw it in my cart and checked out. I’ve used it a few times and aside from needing to find the right length to tear off per use, it seems to be going really well! I often wondered if the ultra-thin floss I have been using was entirely effective. Comparing those to this new purchase, I feel confident in thinking that the flosser picks weren’t doing as great a job as I had hoped and this bamboo floss is a total upgrade. I also haven’t experienced any tearing or threads straying from the floss string, which was a small concern of mine. The quality seems pretty great, at least in the first several inches/feet that I’ve used up to now. I’ll definitely stick to this product!


Post time: Jul-25-2022