Customer reviews of electric bamboo toothbrush

The following is the experience and share of our customers using electric bamboo toothbrush :


My dentist told me it was about time to venture into the world of electric toothbrushes. I don’t like un-necessary plastic and use of electricity so I looked for an alternative to the best seller. I love the idea of sustainable and biodegradable bamboo. Everything came in recyclable packaging. I have been charging it every other day using my solar-powered power pack so I’m keeping it as environmentally friendly as I can. It doesn’t take long at all. There are 3 heads and 5 different speeds, but the head only seems to vibrate, not rotate like the ‘dentist favourite brand.’ I’ve never had one before but I do like this brush. 


So far so good. I am really liking this toothbrush, getting used to its sounds and settings but it does seem to be alot gentler on my mouth than other electric toothbrushes and produces the same results without the effort.

It has also got me into better cleaning habits. I’ve tried a couple of the other settings (there are a few clean/white/polish/gum care and sensitive) – the clean is gentle, polish is good just to help with any stubborn food trappings or stain and gum care is light a lovely massage.

Other pluses are it is a lighter toothbrush to hold, easy to clean and the charger is smaller. The charger is wireless charging, which is safer for me because it belongs to electronics.


We really like our new toothbrushes – the switch was simple and a very easy choice. We love the look of the wood and the fact that we will pollute less. We are so happy that this company exists and we are looking forward to the other sustainable options they will provide in the future.


Post time: Jul-19-2022