How to choose a children’s toothbrush

Many parents will cultivate their children’s habit of brushing their teeth since childhood, so when should children brush their teeth better? What kind of toothbrush should I choose? What are the precautions when choosing a children’s toothbrush?  Let’s share today: How to choose a children’s toothbrush

First, When the baby is about 2 years old, the upper and lower teeth are basically long. At this time, the careful mother should cultivate the child’s brushing habits and buy a suitable one for the child.

Second,When choosing a children’s toothbrush, the first thing to look at is the softness of the bristles of the toothbrush.  Don’t use medium and hard bristles. Medium and heavy bristles will damage the softness of the child. The child’s toothbrush should be made as soft as possible.

Then, the handle. Because the child’s small hand is relatively small, do not choose a too small handle, but a slightly thicker handle, which will help the child to grasp when brushing his teeth.

At last, check whether the tip of the children’s toothbrush chosen for your child is small, not too wide, the wide one is not easy to rotate flexibly in the child’s mouth if it is too small, and the small tip can be bigger Area of ​​brushing.It is recommended to replace them every 3-4 months, instead of waiting until the toothbrush bristles are bent or fall off. Of course, if the toothbrush bristles are bent or fall off within 3 months, then Replace it immediately.


Post time: Jul-13-2022