How to turn your whole bathroom into zero waste?

Let’s get straight to the point. With everything (climate change etc.) happening right now, we all want to give our future selves the best chance of enjoying the small things for ever (like the opposite of climate change etc.). So, next time you’re staring back at that beautiful reflection in the mirror, ask yourself… “what small changes can I make in this bathroom to help enjoy the future?”

1. If you currently have a plastic toothbrush rather than it going straight to landfill, use it for your furry friends hygiene or for cleaning those nitty gritty spaces in your home

2. Switch to zero waste (recycled toilet paper).

3. Substitute your plastic deodorant for an organic and zero waste option

4. Purchase a zero waste razor

5. Have two bins in your bathroom, one for compostable stuff and another for landfill

6. Refill your soap bottles.

So, like we said before, why not try one thing at a time. Your zero waste bathroom can begin with just your toothbrush for a while, then maybe you get some toilet paper delivered and then before you know it, you’ll basically be showering in a forest, like the righteous eco legend you are.

Post time: Nov-11-2021