Vegan Biodegradable Candelilla Wax Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

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Maintain Cleaner Teeth and a Healthier Mouth with Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

Along with brushing your teeth regularly, flossing is vital to keeping your teeth free of tartar, plaque, and cavities. That’s why we want to help you maintain proper oral care with Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss. A healthier alternative to plastic or nylon, our sustainable waxed bamboo floss can help you fight gum disease and tooth decay while keeping your breath minty fresh between meals.

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Clean your teeth without costing the earth!

☑ Strong quality floss
☑ Glass tube dispenser with stainless steel thread cutting lid
☑ 30m of natural Dental Floss
☑ Peppermint Flavoured
☑ Coated in Vegan-friendly Candelilla Wax
☑ 100% Silk Thread
☑ 100% Recyclable Packaging
☑ An Eco-friendly, Zero Waste Product

Why choose us?

Let’s face it, majority of floss in the market is made from nylon and packed in a one-use plastic dispenser. Most of them end up in landfills and oceans every year where they remain indefinitely or are consumed by marine life.

That’s why we have gone against the status quo to offer you a vegan, biodegradable yet effective flossing option. Our dental floss formulated using sustainably sourced bamboo with activated charcoal which is naturally anti-bacterial, candelilla plant wax coating and a fresh mint flavor which is absolutely vegan.

Bamboo as one of the most important alternative eco material to wood and plastic, which grows pretty fast, usually to have harvest in 3~5 years with no need for additional planting or cultivation and requires no agricultural chemicals to thrive.

Packed in a refillable glass bottle with metal dispensing lid which becomes your floss dispenser for the refills packed in the waxed paper, so that you use it for years.

Using Zero Waste World bamboo floss means helping the planet to escape from the endless plastic recycling burden.

How to use:

Pull out the floss gently and roll the floss around your finger to control the strength and position. Floss slowly between each tooth, reaching close to the gum line.


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