Best Eco Friendly Recyclable Electric Toothbrush

Product Name: Smart Electric Toothbrush Model: PS05/06       (Best Personalised Electric Bamboo Toothbrush)

1. Product Specifications
a..Material Charging base: ABS; handle: PC; brush head: food grade PP; bristles: DuPont 1010
b. Battery LiR AA 18650/1200mA.h 3.7V
c. Body length 241mm (including brush head length, brush head 80mm), maximum diameter 29mm
d. The rated working voltage of the handle is 3.7V; the rated power: 1.8W
e. Charging base input voltage DC 5V 500mA; rated input power: 2.5W
f. Waterproof grade IPX7
g. Noise level around 50db
h. One charge can be used for more than 80 cycles (2 minutes/time)
2. Product function
a. One-key five-light brushing mode: One-key followed by Clean/white/Polish/Gun Care/Sensitive;
b. Intensity change: low (green light on) – medium (yellow light on) – high (yellow light and green light are on at the same time), in any mode, 3 brushing intensities can be adjusted, thereby changing 15 brushing modes;
c. Vibration frequency: minimum 31000Hz/min ±10%, maximum: 37500Hz/min ±10%;
d. Reminder for use: Pause for 0.5 seconds every 30 seconds when working, and shut down after one cycle of continuous work for 2 minutes;
e. Working mode: within 3 seconds of continuous operation after starting the machine, press the switch continuously to change the gear position; if the machine is turned on for more than 3 seconds, lightly press the switch to turn off the machine;
After the power is turned on, press and hold the button for more than 3 seconds to change the brushing intensity: low-medium-high
f. Memory function: The machine will have a memory function when it is turned on, and it will start in the brushing mode when it was stopped last time;
g. Power reminder function: The mode light will light up to display the current battery power when the machine is turned off, and it will automatically turn off after the display time is 3 seconds;
5 lights are on, indicating that the power is above 95%;
4 lights on, showing about 75% power;
3 lights are on, showing the power is about 50;
2 lights are on, showing about 25% power;
1 light is on, showing about 15% power;
When the power can only be used for the last 4 cycles, the yellow light of the intensity light will light up and keep flashing, reminding you to charge in time;

Post time: Jul-04-2022