100% Biodegradable Soft Bristles Children’s Dental Care Bamboo Toothbrush

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BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES DESIGNED FOR KIDS- uses soft bristles to make brushing enjoyable for the little ones. Enjoy the cute crayon design! Naturally water and break resistant. Ditch plastic, and switch to our biodegradable solution

ECO – FRIENDLY & HIGH QUALITY – We use bristles that are BPA free and are dyed with safe, organic coloring. Made from natural bamboo. Designed to reduce plastic waste, while creating a fun and clean experience for your children

EDUCATIONAL GIFT INCLUDED- What is the idea behind using less plastic? What can we all do to help in saving our planet from waste? Your children will learn about why they use a bamboo toothbrush, while enjoying efficient design

PERFECT SIZE -The small handle size of 5.7 inches is ideal for the safety and ease of brushing for your kids. Our beautifully crafted shape will fit into their hand and mouth perfectly

ZERO WASTE PACKAGING – We have done the work for you to minimize waste by using as little packaging as possible, and using recycled material. We want you to feel amazing about using toothbrushes like ours that are made of biodegradable and sustainable material. If you are hygiene and environmentally conscious, this is the set for you!

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Premium material - absorbs bamboo material, environmentally friendly and odourless. Protect your home and avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

Keep your toothbrush hygienic and clean - Hard shell case to protect and store your toothbrush while travelling, keeping it hygienic and clean. The lid stays firmly in place but is easy to remove and reattach so that your brush is safely stored.

Easy to take and durable - hard to break, clean and tidy. With diffuser to wick away moisture and keep bristles dry. Delicate design, beautiful and fashion.

ANTIBACTERIAL FUNCTION - Bamboo has an antibacterial effect that prevents the spread of germs on the toothbrush. With cover to prevent bacteria growth.

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Natural antimicrobial material,  The portable size is suitable for use when travelling. Practical and hygienic toothbrush storage, ideal for home, camping, hiking, travel.


The production process

Over 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. ,bamboo toothbrush is the best choice for you to make a small but important difference .

It is recommended to change out your toothbrush every 3 months or after getting over an illness.


Buy a pack of 4 toothbrushes for each kid in your household, it will last one person a full year.

The toothbrush made from high quality bamboo with ergonomic handle that helps you effortlessly clean your mouth better. Great for toddlers and children's. The bamboo will never splinter and healthier than plastic.

The bamboo kids toothbrush designed with soft bristles made of high quality 100% BPA FREE nylon, and its small enough to be used as a baby and toddler toothbrush. The kid's wooden toothbrush is vegan and Eco-friendly.

The packaging made from recycled paper, we try to use minimal packaging and recycled materials as possible to keep the earth green.

You can personalized these identical toothbrushes, just mark them with a pen.

Team Up

Clean your teeth together with your kids to explain to them how to do it properly, especially when they are younger. This way, you will be able to show them how much pressure they need to apply and what areas they should clean thoroughly. Also, please watch if your children chew the toothbrush to keep them from biting off and swallowing bristles. Your attention and personal example will help your kids to develop important healthy habits!

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